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EMPWRD Courses – Level 2

Empwrd courses are designed to teach you how to jump rope safely and are aimed at anyone who wants to learn the basics of the sport correctly.

The lessons are very easy to memorise because their structure is easy to understand and reproduce.

These courses are divided into 3 categories: level 1 – beginners, level 2 – intermediate, routines or choreographies that are intended for intermediate to advanced level. The courses are educational, motivational and will show you that jumping rope is a natural, extremely fun and, last but not least, relaxing movement; you will instantly disconnect from the daily routine.

Each level is designed to introduce you step by step to the sport, so that you become as comfortable as possible and manage to learn the steps in each level in a short time.

50,00 lei



It is intended for people who have successfully completed all the exercises in Level 1 and want to progress. In this level, you will learn arm movements and steps with a higher degree of difficulty that will challenge you to improve your coordination, agility and cardiovascular endurance.

Focus: At this level you will feel a considerable improvement in your rope control and body control skills, as well as improved proprioception. After completing this level you will be able to choreograph easily and jumping rope will become much more fun and relaxing. Work 1/1 in real time with the trainer, for a better understanding of the exercises and to stay motivated.

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