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About EMPWRD / Founders

We do everything with passion and our goal is to inspire you to move, and create a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

We created EMPWRD to keep you active and motivated, day after day. We want every workout to be transformed into a moment of joy and, at the same time, a return to the passion for movement that we all have since childhood.

Jumping rope is a highly effective, affordable and quick way to get in a cardio workout with a single piece of equipment. Jumping rope does not require a wide area of ​​action and no matter where you are – at home, at the office, on vacation, at the gym – you only need 15-20 minutes to work your whole body.

There are multiple benefits to jumping rope

There are multiple benefits to jumping rope

Jumping rope can burn a large number of calories, however, you don’t necessarily have to opt for a long workout – you can integrate jump rope into the active breaks of fitness training, aerobic, functional training or other types of training; you will certainly be impressed by the number of calories burned and the well-being state you’ll feel almost instantly.

Jumping rope helps you lose weight and is beneficial for most people.

Warning! But be careful to protect the joints and ligaments, it is essential to use sports shoes – preferably those intended for running – and DO NOT jump on an uneven floor as that can cause of injuries.

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