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Beaded – Black

This rope is ideal for all jump rope enthusiasts and is intended for both beginners and advanced users. The BEADED concept offers more control to freestyle moves compared to Performance. It is extremely light, the handles are ergonomic and the beads are made of premium material that makes them resistant to shock and prevents them from cracking or breaking.

The beads ensure a balanced weight distribution, while the ergonomic grip on the handles protects your hands during the release and improves your control and accuracy. Whatever your goals, this rope will give you an incredible jumping experience.

104,00 lei


Specifications: Length: 2.7 m | Material: plastic | Weight: 105 gr | Handle: ergonomic | Comes with introductory video course | Appearance: glossy | Handles: matte | Protection: custom envelope EMPWRD by Healthylab | The length can be precisely adjusted according to the height || Protection: custom cover EMPWRD by Healthylab.

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