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The story behind SHAPES began in 2014 through a personal journey of self-discovery. I wanted to find a long term way to look and feel good in my body.

Since I was a little girl I have been involved in the sports and nutrition industry. My motivation helped me find my way in life and become a specialist in the field. I love working with people, designing and creating all the steps they need to achieve the goals they have.

In most cases, we women blame everything on ourselves – family, children, career – and the overload that comes as an effect of this factor causes us long-term discomfort and the feeling that we are not enough for others, or appreciated enough for everything we do.

The motivation to become happy and content with myself led to an initiative that took off online, where more women were eager to join and try the integrated approach that brought everyone permanent satisfaction.

My goal was to find the mental “why” behind each client’s grievances and problems, so that I could offer a solution applied to the real cause of the imbalance created in their lives.

To date, over 600 women have enjoyed our community and the lasting results they have experienced from this program for all those who wanted a realistic transformation through the comprehensive Shapes approach.

About Andreea

Andreea Monteiro is the founder of this programme exclusively for women who want to improve their lifestyle in a realistic and long-lasting way. Her passion for fitness and nutrition has translated into workouts and recipes that help others achieve great results.

The Masterchef experience

“In the competition, I had to keep researching and creating dishes with special tastes. The Masterchef experience taught me how to develop new tastes through spices and herbs and to translate this knowledge as applied as possible to the SHAPES diet, so that anyone can prepare them.”

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